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Welcome on board of "Europe", a Bavaria 35 Match!

We hope to live a nice (unforgetable?) sailing week on board the sailing vessel "Europe". How can we do that?

We will try to find a balance between learning and relaxation, enjoying the sensations of sailing, the treasures of the see, and the beauty of the coasts where we will sail.

We will decide together if we come into a port or if look for nice mooring place in a nice bay. Ports are lively and offer many commodities but cost (12 to 20 €) and are not always very intimate. Overnighting at a mooring often offers the magic of sleeping in and waking up with an extraordinary feeling... but by bad weather a port is very attractive!

We will try our chance (and skill) at angling : mackerel, pollack, bass, sea-bream, Tuna... to have the incomparable pleasure of eating its FRESH fish on board!

We will try to share spontaneousy the daily tasks : cooking, washing up, tidying, cleaning... which are often times of good of good atmosphere !

The time while sailing or practicing  will depend on the wishes and the form of the crew.

At midday we will generally sail, so will eat good but simple food. For dinner we will take time to prepare a nice meal.

If we sail in Brittany (particularly in North Brittany) we will adapt the rhythm of the days to the tides times.

On board are 2 music instruments (a guitar and a violin and many singing books). If you have a little music instrument (grand piano or picolo, take it!). Music instruments are welcome on board!

Alcool consume has to be reasonable. Alcool is bad for sea-sickness to!.

Before leaving the board we will clean and tidy (the "finishing" will be done by Loïck).

An idea to make acquaintance with the other crew: why not bringing a speciality of one's region!. Loïck will probably cook crepes!.